When you’re spending most of your time working hard as a content marketer, you may not find enough time to look for new content marketing tools. In this article I’ll point out some of the top content marketing tools that you can use in your content marketing strategy for 2020.

HubSpot’s business experts claim that marketers who use content marketing are 13 times more likely to get a progressive return on investment (ROI) than their rivals who utilize old advertisements.

A parallel survey carried out by the Content Marketing Institute indicates that over 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing to enhance brand awareness and to reach out to their prospective customers.

According to business experts, content marketing amplifies a brand’s search engine visibility, and it builds an online business authority. Into the bargain, content marketing generates more traffic to a business site, and it improves customer retention.

In spite of the paybacks, many marketers and entrepreneurs lack enough time to find trending topics, create valuable content, distribute it, optimize it, monitor its performance, as well as learn from their competitors’ success.

Are you one of those marketers or entrepreneurs? If you are, do not fuss. We have cherry-picked top content marketing software tools that you would want to try out in 2020. The tools will help you get a better ROI from your content marketing strategy.

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Top Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2020

Disclaimer: this list may change as more content marketing tools are introduced so make sure to check our content marketing blog for the most recent articles about content marketing tools and apps.



Many readers visit your site in search of valuable and relevant information. However, a majority bounce back after realizing that your site has generic content that they have already read somewhere.

Would you want to keep your site visitors glued on your social media platform, website, or blog? If yes, create content based on trending and relevant topics. Such content will give you the audience engagement you have wished for.

While creating valuable content seems like an excellent way to keep prospective customers cemented on your website, identifying trending topics in your niche can be a time-intensive and stressful ordeal.

If you have been battling the problem, sort out your predicaments using BuzzSumo. The online tool scans through millions of social sites, and it analyzes what people are talking about. It uses the data to suggest the most trending topics you would want to write about.

Additionally, you can use BuzzSumo to generate influencer information, set up keyword alerts, know what and where your competitors’ post, as well as evaluate the performance of your rival’s content marketing strategy.


Story Chief

A successful marketing campaign requires multiple distinct processes to execute it properly. You will need to choose relevant topics, create content that resonates with prospective readers, publish it in different channels, as well as track its performance.
StoryChief was designed to help you execute the distinct content creation processes with minimal effort, less time, using a reasonable budget.

This content marketing software has a distraction-free blog editor for creating your content. The editor features a built-in SEO checker to help you optimize your content, and a readability score to let you create content that your prospects will enjoy reading.

Moreover, you can use this versatile content marketing software to customize your content with images and restrictions, as well as analyze your content marketing strategy’s performance and ROI.

After creating and curating your content, you can use StoryChief to post it on multiple websites, blogs, social media platforms, automated newsletters, and any other site with one click. It can cut down the time you would have spent posting your content on multiple channels by up to 80%.



Jeff Bullas, a top content marketing influencer, claims that creating viral content is an excellent way to outperform your competitors. According to the influencer, viral content will help defend your brand’s top position in search engines, augment your content’s share-ability, as well as position your brand as the authority in your industry.

ContentStudio comes with a set of intelligent features to help you create viral social media posts, as well as content for your website or blog. It has a discovery engine that scans through millions of websites, hashtags, social media posts, and other online resources.

After scanning the relevant resources, ContentStudio’s discovery engine extracts valuable content marketing insights that you will use to curate and customize your content according to your customer’s unique needs.

After finding a suitable viral topic, use the content marketing software’s intuitive editor to write and edit all your pieces of content. The editor lets you collaborate with your content creation team remotely, and it has an SEO toolbox to optimize your content for search engines.

As a bonus, ContentStudio’s editing platform has an image editor to spice up your content with captivating images and a UTM manager that lets you set up the UTM codes you will need to analyze and monitor your content’s performance in real-time.



According to SproutSocial.com, 89% of marketers use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to market their brand. They use it to educate their customers, generate traffic, as well as connect with their loyal customers.

While social media plays a critical role in content marketing, managing your posts across multiple platforms is a real struggle. You would need enough time to post content on each social platform, as well as address your customers’ concerns.

Have you been battling this challenge? If yes, sort out your problems with HootSuite. This content marketing software lets you share your posts across several social media platforms at once with the touch of a button.

Using it will save you the precious time you would have spent sharing your posts manually across your favorite social media platforms. You can use it to share and manage posts in over 35 social podiums.

Besides posting, this best content marketing software tool has an editor where you can draft your posts, a spell checker to eliminate spelling issues from your posts, and a calendar to keep you organized.



A survey conducted by business experts from Adobe Digital Insights suggests that many millennial workers use seven hours a day reading their emails. They spend 4 hours reading work emails and 3 hours reading personal emails.

While many content marketers use personalized emails to target this population, content marketing emails often end up being ignored. At worst, the millennials mark a majority of the marketing emails as spam.

Savvy developers invented GetResponse to help you stay in front of rivals who are targeting the same population. This content marketing software has professional email templates that help you create tailor-made emails that will prompt your target audience to open them.

Moreover, with this email marketing software, you can keep an eye on your website visitors, build auto-funnels, create automated abandoned cart reminders, create emails engaging emails that convert, as well as generate leads. You can also use the content marketing software tool to create digital banners and videos for your prospective customers on Facebook or Instagram.

As a bonus, GetResponse’s email marketing software has a feature that will let you create an online store with an integrated payment gateway. You can create the store without prior programming knowledge.


If you are an avid content marketer, you can agree with us that creating valuable content while managing your content development team is a challenge. The issue becomes worse when working with experts from different locations.

Mintent is a content marketing tool that was created to help you manage your team efficiently. It features a unified platform where your entire content marketing team can meet remotely, plan, design, and manage all your content strategizing requirements.

With its content performance analytics engine, you can use Mintent to monitor your content’s performance in real-time. Use the insights to create content that resonates with your site visitors, or customize it to match your marketing trajectory.

Also, this content marketing software has a keyword research tool that lets you discover the most researched keywords you will use to develop content that ranks high on Google and other search engines.



Just as its name suggests, Curata was developed to help you curate your content with valuable insights. Using the content marketing software tool will make your content more relevant, engaging, and worth your readers’ attention. It will be an excellent solution if your site has been experiencing high bounce rates.

How does Curata work? This content marketing tool utilizes machine learning to extract valuable content creation insights from search engines, hashtags, and social media platforms. You can use the ideas to create customized, attention-grabbing content.

Curata is a content marketing tool that has a library of free royalty images that you can use to improve your content’s visual appeal, and an SEO assist that will help you optimize your content.

After curating your content, you can use Curata to publish it on your website, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other online platforms with one click. You will not need to waste your time publishing the content manually.



It’s hard for someone to build a list of digital marketing tools without including Ahrefs…

Many marketers often aim at ranking their content on the first results of search engines. Such high ranking content could help you get free backlinks, drives enormous website traffic, and it gives your brand more credibility.

If you have been struggling to obtain and defend the top slot in search engines, Ahrefs will be the most favorite content marketing software tool. This content marketing software helps you analyze your competitor’s performance, identify the keywords they use to outwit you and view the content which drives most content to their sites.

You will need these insights to develop a content marketing campaign that outperforms that of your business rivals.

On the other hand, you can use this marketing software to keep an eye on your website’s performance in real-time, monitor your link building activities, as well as perform your keyword, backlink, and content research.

As a bonus, Ahrefs content marketing software provides tailored learning materials that could help you produce better content. Its developers keep updating the software with important updates that will help you upgrade your content marketing prowess.



In the past, content marketers relied on programmers to create a website and sales funnels. While the programmers executed the processes as required, they took several days to get the job done. Likewise, the funnel creation project was quite costly to many entrepreneurs.

Later on, Russell Brunson, a seasoned marketing guru, designed ClickFunnels to help thousands of entrepreneurs who wished to create their website and sales funnels effortlessly, without much help from programmers.

Using Russell Brunson’s software, content marketers can create their sales funnels within ten minutes. Marketers don’t need any programming knowledge to set up functional funnels using ClickFunnels.

Just like the funnels from programmers, ClickFunnels’ sales funnels guide your customers through the purchasing process, and they direct your prospective customers to the product they need most. They help you make more sales within a short period.

Furthermore, you can use ClickFunnels to send personalized emails, deliver desktop notifications, as well as send social media texts to your prospective customers. ClickFunnels’ team of professionals help you choose the right funnel for your product.



Seasoned marketers from demandgenreport.com claim that creating interactive content is a stepping stone to a successful content marketing campaign. In fact, 93% of content marketers claim that interactive content is best for educating prospective customers.

In line with the content marketing experts, interactive content provides higher engagement rates, helps you capture relevant sales information from your prospects, and it improves brand loyalty.

Are you looking for a way to create the most interactive content? If you are, Outgrow’s content marketing tool will be the right choice. Outgrow features a Development Studio with all the tools you need to create your interactive content.
The studio has customized templates to create customized interactive content and several graphic tools that help you spice up your content with your brand’s logo, product images, brand colors, and attractive fonts.

Also, the studio has outcome quizzes, Chatbots, Surveys, and polls. You can use these tools to create content that will help you collect essential customer insights to develop personalized target content.

Integrating Outgrow to your content marketing strategy will help you create content that converts, achieve your projected ROI within the expected timeframe, reduce bounce rates on your site, as well as improve your content’s share-ability.

Final Thoughts on Top Content Marketing Tools of 2020

Whether you’re a digital marketer or a local SEO agency, investing in digital marketing software such as content marketing tools will be an excellent way to simplify your content marketing strategy. The tools help you choose a trending topic, incorporate the right keywords to your content, as well as make your content more captivating.

Moreover, content marketing tools help you optimize your content, distribute it across several websites, monitor your competitors’ content marketing strategy, as well as track the performance of your strategy. Using the right tools will elevate your marketing game a notch higher.