Let’s face it; there are times it’s difficult coming up with blog post ideas.

As a blogger, digital marketer, and a website owner, you are in a drift as to the content ideas that’ll resonate and engage your target audience.

Even though it’s 2020, blogging remains as potent as it used to be a decade ago. We should rather say, blogging is even more effective than it used to be in connecting with your audience, driving them to action, and staying relevant on search engine rankings. 

If you need the best blog post ideas for your content strategy planning in 2020, you have to read this to the end. 

These 20 blog post ideas will help to inspire, engage, and entertain your target audience. While being able to promote your business and encourage them to take action. 

1. Provide An Insight Into Your Values and Philosophy as a Brand

As a business, your brand is guided by some inherent and outlined values. To create loyal brand followership, share with your target audience what inspires your business. 

It does not matter the size of your business. Providing your audience, a sneak peek of the philosophies behind your everyday business decisions. This will help you to engage your audience in the short-term while winning them over in the long term.

Core values as blog post idea

2. Trust The Algorithm Behind Google Autocomplete

Your blog post ideas should not just be about connecting with your target audience. It should also be focused on SERPs, which is why Google Autocomplete could help you achieve this aim. 

Google Autocomplete will provide you with ideas of what people are looking for as information. This will give you ideas you have not thought of, and there’s also the SEO benefits of such blog post ideas.

Google Autocomplete

3. Shed Light on Your Mission Statement and Why is It Your Mission

Your mission is your goals and purpose as a company. In 2020, if you have not done a blog post on why you are in business, it’s time to do it. 

Through this blog post, you can showcase yourself to the world. In the process, be able to build meaningful relationships with customers and complementary businesses. Use this blog post also to create a link to what the future looks like for your business.

Mission Statement

4. Answer The Public

This is another technical approach to having blog post ideas for your blog in 2020. If you have never used Answer The Public, you are missing out on a free visual keyword tool. It provides you with a list of questions related to your focus topic. 

These questions are what your audience is likely to be searching for. This is not just a tool for blog post ideas but a keyword tool.

Answer The Public

5. Share a Sneek View of Your Company’s Culture

Customers love to see behind the scene, and it’s a way to bonding with your followers. Ensure that such a blog post is explicit with pictures and videos. You can even include a live event you recently had.

Use the post to highlight what your company is all about. How it relates to the employees and the immediate community. You can also use it to showcase events related to community social responsibility you’ve done in the past.

6. People Also Ask

One other place you can trust Google to provide you with the data backed and best blog post ideas will be People Also Ask.

People Also Ask

Start by searching on a focus topic, and the search result might come along with a “People Also Ask.” This will be a list of questions that people have searched in the past; it will also include the answers to these questions. 

Bring all of the questions together and spin it into a blog post.

7. Your Goals For The Year and How to Achieve Them

As a brand, showcase the importance of setting goals along with how to achieve these goals. This is no just about your audience, but also your business. Putting your goals out there will inspire you to do all it’ll take to achieve these goals as a business.

Ask for their feedback, and it’ll spiral into a quarterly blog post based on your progress and their feedback.

Goals For The Year

8. Creative Blog Post Ideas Through Pinterest

You may look at Pinterest as a social media, but it offers you an idea of creative blog post ideas to write on.

You’ll get blog post ideas either through the search box or the Trending Ideas section. What Pinterest will show you will be images, blog posts, and videos.

With a clue of what your competitors are writing on, you’ll develop their blog post ideas into a better blog post.


9. Engage an Industry Influencer

When combined with influencer marketing, content marketing can bring a lot of results. This can be in the format of a well-written interview. When being read by the audience, it creates intimacy.

Engage influencers in your industry to grant an interview or do a form of guest posting for your blog. You can also ask them to share the content via their outlet.

10. A to Z Lexicon Posts

If you aim to inform your audience, then creating an A to Z blog post is the way to go. For example, if you are in the SEO business, you can do a post on every word that starts with A in your lexicon.

A to Z Blog Post Ideas

If you can follow this pattern, you would have created 26 blog posts which will be spread across the year. Let’s say every two weeks, you release a content focused on an alphabet.

11. Make a Comparison Between Your Industry and Others

There will always be what differentiate the industry your business operates with others. This blog post idea is to showcase your creativity by linking and delinking your industry with another.

The beauty will be if you can showcase the similarities between your industry and a different industry.

Industry Comparison

12. What Are The Questions Asked on Quora

If you talk to any digital marketer, they are only interested in Quora for the link building benefits it offers. Even though that’s important, Quora questions and response is another reservoir of ideas you can take advantage of.

Quora Blog Post Ideas

You’ll come across an industry-related question, base your blog ideas on it. Even though the questions are answered, use it as a base to write an interesting blog post.

13. Think of a Technological Idea Your Industry Needs in The Future

For example, the disruptive nature of Blockchain is being felt across industries. Rarely will you find an industry it does not affect. Same for Artificial Intelligence. You can come up with a blog post on how disruptive technologies will impact your business now and in the future.

Blog readers love having a clue as to how the future might look like. In one way, you are preparing the mind of your audience for the future. At the same time, informing them of yiur readiness to adapt to changes.

14. Tap Ideas From Reviews

What are customers saying about your brand on review sites? Look into Trustpilot or if you have a review system in place. You can take inspiration from the feedback of your existing customers.

It does not have to be a review site; reviews on social media can also help to identify blog post ideas.

For example, in the review below, a blog post idea could be; How To Promise Less and Over Deliver In (your industry).

Reviews As Blog Post Ideas

15. Gather a List of Time Tested Facts About Your Industry

This is exactly what we’ve done on one of our blogs CoolSearchInfo.com

Fact About Industry Blog Post Ideas

Quite easy to score, and it’s always evergreen if you can bring together all these facts in one blog post. It’s not that no one knows about these facts, but you bringing them all together makes a lot of difference. 

It can be a bullet list of facts and also mind-boggling statistics about your industry.

16. Be a Scavenger of Online Forums Especially Reddit

If you pitch your tent with Reddit, you will never run dry of blog post ideas. For example, Reddit has an abundance of questions and also responses. You can even follow some individuals who you think are relevant to your industry.

When in search of local topics, which is good for Local SEO, then you need to visit your local forums. Through forums, you will see the topics people in your industry are concerned about.

17. Compare a Movie Character To Your Company

There’s a lot music, and movies do in bringing people together. If there’s a reigning TV series that is relatable to your company, do a blog post about a character in the TV series. 

This blog post idea is about entertaining your audience. With this post, you can connect to your audience in an intimate manner.

18. Reviewing Movies That Can Help People in Your Niche Succeed

If you’ve seen “The Designated Survivor” and “Madam Secretary” then you’ll recommend it to your student as a Professor of Political Science. There will always be movies that have a bearing on your industry.

Reviewing Movies

Compile a list of these movies and review them each, focusing on the aspect of your business they affect the most. Make it an exciting read; it’s a blog post idea you should consider if you are yet to.

19. Put Together a List of Resourceful Tweets and Tweeps to Your Niche

Another relaxing but engaging blog post idea. Go through Twitter and identify resourceful tweets. This will be quite easy if you are active on Twitter; you can be screenshotting and bookmarking these tweets right from now. 

Gather all of these tweets into a blog post. You can even go further by also listing out Tweeps that provide words of wisdom for your industry.

20. Capitalize on a Trend With Google Trends

Google Trends will show you what people are searching about. Providing you with related queries to your search. Do this always, and often, check what’s trending or about to trend in your industry. This will help you to jump on the topic while it’s still hot.