In 2018, over 67.4 million shoppers bought something on Cyber Monday in the US, and it amounted to $6 Billion. When compared with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday is always at the far front.

With this level of traffic on the line, it makes sense for businesses to do all possible to have a fair share. Within that short 24 hours, there’s a lot you can achieve in terms of revenue and traffic.

2019 will mark the 14th year of the Special Monday deals, and if you are without a marketing plan, we’ve got you covered at Agency 41. Before you read-on, you may want to read our other blogs such as our content marketing guide, to give you a better idea on what Cyber Monday content to create and how to promote it.

Cyber Monday

1. Let Your Customers Know You Are Running a Cyber Monday Promotions

If you don’t inform them, they won’t know what they are getting is a holiday deal, and not what they get every day. Your cues must also disclose if it’s a storewide discount or for specific products.

Show it clearly that it’s a special price. In a way, you are informing your customers that you appreciate them. If you notice that those you are likely are your existing customers, then there must be a way to attract new customers also.

You can also reveal coupons at checkout, but that means you are ready to keep your price at its lowest. If you can, whoop up a different landing page right now for the special deals. Place your best products there and expect it to sell out. That’s if you are ready to go all out.

Cyber Monday

2. Take The Game To Social Media

That’s where the battle of Cyber Monday should be. You cannot allow your competitors to poach your customers. Rather, use Cyber Monday to attract new ones. Let’s assume it’s Saturday; you still have some hours before Monday.

You have to start posting engaging content by the hour. Stay on social media and highlight your irresistible offers. If you have a good Twitter presence, run a competition now to increase engagement while using the opportunity to remind them of what you have on offer.

If you are indeed serious about the Cyber Monday game, you have to run ads both on Instagram and Facebook. There’s a lot of revenue at stake, and you have to up your game to benefit from this largesse.

3. Go Exclusive

The idea of Cyber Monday is to come up with offers that are too good to look away from. Which is why you should go with a one-day-only deal.

Borrow idea in what Allbirds did in 2018, and they sold out fast. The popular shoe brand used Cyber Monday to release a limited-edition sneaker.

No discounts or promotions, Allbirds just did an exclusive, one that pays off real fast. If you have a product in mind you are trying to unveil, 48hrs is enough time to market it as an exclusive.

People don’t care, so far you label it as exclusive, and you are offering it only on Cyber Monday, it is likely to sell out.

Exclusive deals