If you’re planning to have an event then you may have heard of perhaps one of the coolest cities of Orange County, Lake Forest.

Remember the Past, Challenge the Future

This is the guiding mantra for the residents of Lake Forest, Irvine, California. This contemporary city has managed to retain its rich heritage while maintaining a dense suburban feel.

Lake Forest hosts countless parks and restaurants and is home to many professionals so it is no surprise that most of its residents own homes.

Simply put, Lake Forest has the charm of a small town and the appeal of a large city.

How then do you go about promoting your event in Lake Forest? Here are the top 5 tips for you!

How to Promote Your Event in Lake Forest, OC

  1. Make use of referrals

Your personal and professional networks are your net worth. Reach out to them and let them know that you’ll be hosting an event in Lake Forest. Ask them to help you promote it by spreading the word.

While there are people that will help you promote your event without asking for anything, you might have to provide incentives.

Giving them free tickets would be the perfect reward because then they will be promoting an event that they can’t wait to attend. It will also build their credibility.

  1. Consider digital marketing

Digital marketing allows you to reach a wider audience and on the platforms that they spend most of their time; online. Face it, the residents of Lake Forest are on social media, they look up events on google and often read blogs.

Which specific group of people in Lake Forest is the event meant for? Where exactly can you find them on online platforms?

Once you fully understand your target audience, it becomes easy to reach them through the means they mostly relate to, whether through influencer marketing or content marketing.

  1. Hire a local marketing agency

Planning an event in Lake Forest is no easy feat. You have to decorate the venue, look for collaborating vendors, make sure the performers are coming and still take care of the finer details including the positioning of the litter bins.

The whole planning process is so demanding that you may not have time to market your event efficiently. This is why you need to hire a professional local marketing agency to take care of it for you.

Go for an agency with a great understanding of the Lake Forest’s demographics, are experienced and are flexible enough to work around your schedules.

  1. Get smart about SEO

You need to optimize your website for local searches in Lake Forest. Find out what search terms the residents of Lake Forest are used to look up events and use them in your content.

Write blog posts giving more information about the event but avoid stuffing them with keywords.

For social media, you will need to come up with hashtags1 specific to your event, e.g. #DanceFestivalLakeForest. You then have to look for existing hashtags related to events in Lake Forest and use them every time you put up a post about the event.

This will boost your event’s visibility.

  1. Run competitions and giveaways

Simply put, you need to create a buzz about your event in Lake Forest and one of the best ways to do this is through competitions. Everyone appreciates free things and the residents of Lake Forest are no exception.

To guarantee the success of this strategy, the competitions2 should be fun and engaging enough for people to want to participate.

This is where you bring your A-game on and turn up your creativity because a well-executed competition could be all you need to make your event in Lake Forest a success.

Planning on hosting an event in Lake Forest?

The above tips give you a road map on how you can promote your event. However, you will need the services of an expert marketing agency to execute the marketing aspect.

This will also give you the time you need to focus on your event without having to worry about it getting minimal exposure.

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