Traditionally, when landline telephone was a disruptive technology, consumers used printed directories to find local service providers. When the internet came, consumers shifted from using local phone directories to using the World Wide Web.

The shift has become part of the modern consumer’s life. Reliable statistics reveal that over 97% of consumers use search engines to locate service providers or businesses near their residence 1.

Whether you are a DIY entrepreneur or you work at a local digital marketing agency, you’d know that a good website is a must-have if you want consumers to locate your business, especially for a lux city like Laguna Beach.

A great website provides a virtual space to publish your marketing content, and encourage customers to buy your product.

Despite the benefits, many business owners in Laguna Beach are still new in matters of web design. They barely understand how they could derive maximum value from a website. Are you one of them? Here are web design Laguna Beach ideas from top digital marketing experts.

Web Design Ideas to Boost Your Business in Laguna Beach

  1. Improve your website’s visual appeal

It is no secret that your site visitors will first notice your website’s color layout, pictures on pages, and other visuals before they proceed to navigate your website.

Why are visuals so important? Becasue human eyes are quickly drawn to visuals.

Therefore, publishing quality content on your website’s pages isn’t enough. Your website needs an eye-catching visual appeal to encourage your visitors to stick around for a while, and perhaps read the content you have published on your site.

How do you improve your website’s visual appeal?

  • Use attractive themes for your website
  • Use quality images, graphics, and or videos on your web pages
  • Create consistency
  • Minimize clutter from your web pages

Don’t forget how beautiful Laguna Beach really is. Try incorporating some of the elements from the citylife itself such as the ocean views, the sandy beach, and the happy faces of customers.

  1. Improve your website’s mobile-friendliness

We stay in an era where almost everyone owns a smartphone. Recent statistics published by Statista indicate that there are over 3 billion people with smartphones 2, and 50% of Google’s traffic comes from mobile users.

A majority of these smartphone users use their phones to search for important purchasing information on their web. So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you could have been driving off thousands of consumers from your business.

How do you make sure that your website is mobile friendly?

Use the following tricks to make it more mobile-friendly.

  • Test if your site is mobile-friendly
  • Use a mobile responsive theme in your website
  • Use fewer icons on your website’s menu
  • Use large icons for easy tapping
  • Minimize pop-ups
  • Use a proper font to enhance readability

  1. Use a straightforward navigation design

Consumers have busy schedules. They lack time to fumble on hard to navigate sites. A majority of customers will bounce off your website as soon as they cannot locate the information they want, or they find it hard to navigate from one page to another 3.

So, if you want prospects to locate your pages, read the content on those pages, and then take the desired decision, simplify your site navigation. How? Eliminate the use of drop-down menus and or limit the items on your menu.

  1. Use standard website layouts

There are multiple layout templates used in web design. Each template is designed to match the needs of various businesses. For instance, some are designed to generate leads, sell products, or entertain site visitors with graphic designs.

While some business owners in Laguna Beach think that weird layouts stand out, web design experts recommend templates with standard layouts 4. Why? Standard layouts are easy to navigate and more responsive.

A standard layout should have a logo at the top left, a search bar on the topside, social links at the bottom, and menu icons on the top.

Why You Need Web Design Laguna Beach Services

A website serves as the digital space where customers visit to get your services. Moreover, it provides the virtual space you need to publish your marketing content, get leads, and prompt customers to take the desired action.

If you want better value from your website, you should make it more mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually attractive.

Web design goes hand in hand with content marketing.

At Agency 41, we strive to be your Laguna Beach web designer and content marketing/SEO experts.