A decade or two ago, content marketers overindulged their focus on crafting persuasive, high-quality content. While other processes, like distribution and promotion, took the back seat in their content marketing plan.

Regrettably, the high-quality content could not increase conversions, establish website authority, or drive more traffic to their website. Why? The content barely got in front of prospective content consumers.

Unlike in the past, marketers have apprehended that content distribution lets potential readers discover their material, read it, and take the appropriate action.

This is why the distribution of content is as essential as the content creation itself.

Top Content Distribution Techniques to Use in 2020

Some marketers are clueless about the right distribution techniques they can use to get their content before the eyes of their prospects.

Given that, we have evaluated seven techniques that top marketers use to increase their reach.

  1. Use Social Media to Target Millennials and Gen Z Consumers

Reliable statistics posted on Oberlo.com reveal that social media platforms have 3.5 billion users as of today. The users keep increasing, and the majority are millennials and Generation Z consumers.1

Astute marketers distribute their content on conventional social media networks like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to target and convert the billions of millennials and Gen Z clients on these platforms.

Are you looking to join these astute digital marketers? If you are, establish the social platforms where your target readers spend their time. Then, use the right content to engage and convert users.

As an example, if your prospective readers love Instagram, you will need to convert your content into attractive visuals. Likewise, if your prospects prefer using Facebook, you will need to target them with memes, live videos, and or short posts.

As much as you can post any content on social media, digital marketers from Post Planner suggest that you avoid promoting hashtag-stuffed, promotional, political, and derogatory content on your social networks.2

They suggest that you use social media to distribute:

  • User-generated content
  • Podcasts
  • Live streams
  • Infographics
  • Client testimonials
  • Webinars
  • Videos

  1. Get Reputable Influencers to Help Distribute Your Content

An editorial posted on Oberlo reports that 93% of content creators use influencers in their marketing campaigns.3 The influencers help the marketers to boost their brand awareness, as well as distribute content to new audiences outside the marketer’s sphere.

But, why should you involve an influencer in your content distribution project instead of doing it yourself?

Unlike you, influencers have a network of followers who trust and rely on influencer opinions/ content to make important purchasing decisions.

However, experts from BuzzSumo say that you can only reap the benefits if you engage the right influencer to promote your content.

How do you get an appropriate influencer to distribute your content?

Look around for influencers with high authority blogs

Sharing your content on an influencer’s Facebook or Twitter will not create a huge impact. To achieve maximum impact, get an influencer who can share your content on their social networks, as well as their high authority blogs. The trick will not only extend your reach, but it will earn you quality backlinks.

Hire influencers with the power to engage followers

Many marketers think that influencers with many followers are better than their counterparts with fewer followers. But, BuzzSumo experts claim that the notion is wrong. Good influencers are those with the mastery of commanding action from their followers. For that reason, when looking for the right influencer, get one whose posts have more re-tweets and Facebook shares.

Look for influencers who understand your niche

Just like any other expert, hiring an influencer who understands your industry is better than hiring a generic one.

Those who specialize in your niche understand the tricks required to spark the desired action from your target content consumers. As well, niche-specific influencers have a following that will be interested in your content.

  1. Use an Email Campaign to Get Your Content to Gen X Consumers

If you thought that email is dead, experts from the campaign monitor say that you are wrong. They claim that it is still useful, and 3.9 billion people are using email to send and receive messages. The users have been increasing by 2-3% each year from 2018.4.

Similar statistics posted on 99firms.com show that a majority of email users are Gen X consumers. They are trailed behind by millennials and Gen Z consumers. It is, therefore, an ideal way to reach out to senior consumers who dislike social media.5

While using an email looks like an ideal way to distribute your content to your Gen X prospects, their email opening rate hovers at 24%. This means that the majority of emails can end up being ignored.6

Thus, if yours falls within those emails that go ignored, then your quality content will not be noticed. The good news? There are several tricks that you can learn to increase your email opening rate.

We have listed them to save your mail from ending up in your subscriber’s trash folder.

Ideas to get your targets to read your emails

  • Personalize your email for each subscriber on your list
  • Avoid issues that would lead to your email being flagged as spam
  • Send your emails at the right time, probably on weekdays
  • Capture your subscriber’s attention using a captivating subject line
  • Write engaging content to give your readers a reason to read through your email
  • Make your email mobile-friendly

  1. Leverage Your Content Reach Using Paid Distribution Networks

So, you have created killer content, published it on your website, shared it on social networks, but, you have not achieved your projected content marketing results?

Don’t fret. You can unlock your content’s full potential by promoting it on paid distribution networks.

The Content Marketing Institute claims that paid content networks extend your content’s reach beyond your blog, website, and or social media networks.7 They place your content on the eyes of readers who might not be aware of your owned or shared digital platforms.

Nonetheless, there are multiple paid distribution networks. Choosing the right channel for your content can be confusing, more, especially if you are looking to use one for the first time. If you are that confused marketer, here are some of the best options to try.

Quora ads

Statistics published on Foundation Inc. reveal that Quora gets over 300 million visitors a month.8 It is an excellent platform for marketers to advertise their brands, as well as direct more traffic to their landing pages. The platform uses a user’s interest and geographical location to target the right prospects.

LinkedIn Sponsored in-mail

LinkedIn’s sponsored in-mail presents you with an opportunity to send personalized emails to your prospect directly. Unlike other paid distribution networks, LinkedIn delivers the sponsored in-mails when your target gets online. Thus, you can rest assured that your message is delivered. Orbit Media’s researchers say that LinkedIn in-mails have an open rate of 45%.9

Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook Messenger ads let you target Facebook prospects using targeted ads. You can use the ads to direct your prospects to content on your website or collect essential contact details that you would use in future content marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in using Facebook ads, make sure to check out our blog post on how to increase your Facebook ad ROAS.

  1. Use Guest Blogging to Connect With New Readers on Someone Else’s Site

While guest posting does not distribute your content, you can use the opportunity to link back to content on your website or call your competitors’ followers to visit your landing page. Neil Patel, an esteemed marketer, defines guest posting as one of the best ways to target prospects outside your sphere.10

Even so, many digital marketers don’t understand how they could use guest posting to amplify their content promotion game. For that reason, we have suggested a few ideas that can help you tap some content distribution value from the practice.

Look around for authority websites with a slew of followers

Since you want to point back your peer’s followers to read content and your blog and take the appropriate action, you would want to guest blog on a website with several active followers. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and resources to do guest posting on a site where you can hardly get a few people to visit and read content on your blog.

Guest post on websites that are in your niche

Even the most captivating blog on a high authority site will fail if the guest website isn’t related to your niche. On that account, you should look for a website related to your niche, if at all, you wouldn’t want to waste your effort.

Promote your guest blog

Just like any other content, promoting your guest blog on social media or any other digital platform will help you put the guest blog in front of the eyes of many people. In return, your content will direct more prospects to read your content.

Include an author-bio in your guest blog

While most websites will allow you to embed links pointing back to your website in the guest blog, some less reputable site owners will change the link over time. Thus, if you want your guest blog to give you some value for an extended period, pioneers from newbreedmarketing.com suggest that you create an author bio and include a link pointing back to your website.

  1. Use Public Relation Pros to Make Your Content Stand Out

According to a blog published by Optinmonster.com, marketers produce over 70 million posts each month. With such an enormous amount of content being created, many digital marketers find it hard to stand-out.

That is the reason why savvy pioneers recommend using PR to make it visible. Just like influencer marketing, PR experts will help you target millions of followers outside your social networks and owned media.

Also, PR pros have a team of evangelists and influencers who will help you share your content on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media platforms where your prospects spend their time. Other PR pros have a team of editors who will give your content the enhancement it needs to start trending.

  1. Simplify Your Content Distribution Task Using User-Generated Content

Creating quality content and sharing it across all digital platforms is hard and complicated. But, did you know that you can get your loyal customers to help you create and distribute content at no charge?

If you didn’t, it is time to consider (UGC). What is it? Just as its name suggests, UGC is any type of content created and published by customers. They do it willingly, and they post it wherever they want.

Encouraging your customers to create user-generated content could save you the time and resources you would have spent distributing content and making sure that it gets down to the targeted reader.

But, how do you encourage customers to start creating and sharing UGC?

Give customers a reason to talk about your brand

If you want your customers to produce and publish UGC, give them an idea to talk about your brand. You can do so by running a challenge that will encourage them to create UGC for a prize.

Reward your customers

There is no denying that customers love rewards. Most of them wouldn’t mind recommending your brand using UGC after a reward. So, appreciate your customers with discounts, cash rewards, or any other gift to get UGC in exchange.

Support a cause

Giving back shows that your brand does not exist just to make profits. But, it also minds the well-being of the community you serve. To get more UGC for your brand, encourage participants and beneficiaries to take and share photos or videos of the event.

Request customers to review your brand

At times, you can request customers to leave a review or a testimony once they buy your product or use your service. They can post the review on third-party review sites or your website. You would want to tailor your services and products to suit the user’s needs if, at all, you want positive reviews and testimonials.

Fixing Content Distribution Will Prepare Your Business for Take-off

Have you been creating tons of high-quality content, but you are not getting the marketing outcome you desire?

If yes, then your content distribution technique could be letting you down.

Fix the issue by engaging influencers or PR pros to help you get your content in front of the right prospects.

Moreover, you can boost your content’s reach by indulging in guest blogging, using paid distribution networks to reach customers who are out of your sphere, as well as encouraging customers to create and share UGC.