If you are a keen content marketer, you might have noted that each year comes along with refined content marketing tools and tricks. 2020 is not an exception.

2020 came along with new content marketing trends that use leading-edge technology coupled up with informed research to give you an edge over opponents pursuing your prospective clients.

An effective content marketing strategy may help you increase conversion rate, upsurge your sales, and improve your brand recognition. Also, 2020’s new content marketing trends guarantee more web traffic and better brand visibility.

Do you want to stand out from thousands of marketers vying for your prospectives’ attention? If you do, we have proposed some of the most effective trends that you need to study. Content marketing pundits and savvy entrepreneurs are already using them to develop and sustain their businesses.

Prompt Your Clients to Create User-generated Content

Departed are the days when customers trusted a brand’s influencer content. Today, a majority of consumers rely on reviews, videos, images, comments, and other pieces of content from like-minded consumers when making decisions.  

In fact, research experts from Stackla report that 79% of shoppers use user-generated content to make important purchasing decisions. The shoppers say that they prefer UGC since it is more authentic than brand content. 

Popular brands like Square, Sephora, GoPro, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Calvin Klein, AirBnB, Nike, and Vodka have been actively using user-generated content to boost their sales, as well as enhance their brand recognition. 

For instance, in 2013/2014, Coca Cola, the world’s leading beverage manufacturer, used “Share a Coke campaign” to prompt its customers into creating user-generated content. The beverage manufacturer asked their customers to search for a Coke with their name and share it on social media. 

The campaign went viral as millions of customers shared images of the coke beverage bearing their names. In return, Coca Cola increased its sales, improved their customer relations, and it generated plenty of referral traffic. 

Therefore, if you have never used UGC, 2020 would be the year to get creative and incorporate it into your content marketing drive.


But, why should you use UGC to market your business in 2020?

Here are a few reasons why you should use more user-generated content for your business:

  • It will help you save the valuable time you would have spent creating, publishing, and sharing content
  • UGC has a higher conversion rate than brand or influencer content
  • It augments your brand’s social proof
  • User-generated content boosts your brand’s authenticity
  • It gives valuable insights on how your clients perceive your brand

Read our blog article and get ideas on how to generate more user-generated content for your company.

Adjust Your Content for Voice Search Engines

Aside from creating content that will increase your local SEO, making sure that your site is voice search friendly is another area you should focus on.

Content marketing pioneers claim that voice search will bring a significant shift in the content searching. WordStream advertising agency reports that by the end of 2020, 50% of consumers will be using voice searches.

According to the marketing pioneers, the number of people using voice searches will continue to rise as smart voice devices like Amazon Echo, Microsoft’s assistant Cortana, and Google voice grow more popular. 

Why Should You Make Your Marketing Plan Voice Search-Friendly?

Adjusting your content for voice search engines through voice search optimization will help you influence over 1 billion buyers who use voice searches monthly. As such, your sales will increase if your content converts well.

Besides influencing the voice searchers, optimizing your content for voice search will come along with several advantages. It will improve the experience of customers who don’t have time to type into search bars, and it will increase your search engine rankings. As well, it will keep you on top of competitors who are yet to join the bandwagon.

While optimizing your content for voice search seems like an excellent way to boost your content marketing strategy, many content marketers lack skill to take advantage of the new marketing trend. If you are one of them, the following are quick ideas to get you on track.

  • Create content that answers common customer concerns
  • Optimize the content with long-tail keywords
  • Make your site more mobile-friendly since most people use mobile devices to voice search
  • Optimize your content with slang words used by your target audience
  • Test your content on a voice search engine

Invest in Augmented Reality

While AR is an entirely new content marketing trend in the digital marketing space, it comes with myriad possibilities to help you revitalize your content marketing campaign in 2020. Already, many forward-looking companies like Facebook, Sephora Google, Amazon, Ikea, Apple, Microsoft, and Starbucks are using it.

For instance, IKEA, a giant furniture dealer based in Sweden, released Ikea place, an AR-supported app to improve their clients’ shopping experience. With the AR app, shoppers can scan their room and see how various pieces of furniture from Ikea would look and fit in the rooms. It helps customers purchase the right furniture for their interior.

Likewise, Sephora Beauty Company has Virtual Artist, an AR supported program that helps its clients to find and purchase the most appropriate eyelashes, lipsticks, eye shadows, and other makeup products without trying them physically.

So, if you have thought that Augmented Reality is for gaming companies, it is time to get creative and give your customers an immersive marketing experience while interacting with your brand. 

You can integrate Augmented Reality in your publicity campaigns, or you can use it to display your products on magazines, blogs, or social media. Additionally, you can use AR to let your customers try out your merchandise virtually. 

An infographic posted on Financeonline.com reveals that 60% of American social media users and 37% of the world’s social media users have access to AR tech provided by Facebook and other reputable social networks. As such, you can spark your AR marketing campaign by targeting this population.

Concentrate More on Video Content

Video marketing has been a key part of recent years’ content marketing trends in the digital marketing space. Savvy marketers have been using it to outmaneuver their contenders. However, despite its popularity, many marketers feel like it isn’t worth their marketing dollars. 

If you are one of those marketers or entrepreneurs, following are Oberlo Infographic’s marketing statistics that would give you the inspiration you need to invest and focus more on video content marketing.

  • 80% of US citizens enjoy watching video content
  • In 2018, 54% of consumers would love to see a video from their favorite brands.
  • 87% of marketers used a video to market their brands in 2019
  • 73% of social media users confessed that they were once persuaded by a video to purchase a product
  • 80% of content marketers got a positive ROI from video marketing.

The statistics suggest that video content marketing is worth the investment of any content marketer who wants higher returns from their content marketing campaign. You can use videos to build brand awareness, foster customer trust, reach out to prospective clients, as well as sell your brand.

Unlike written content, videos can help you get more clicks, boost conversion rates, and they can generate more website traffic. Investing in video content is an excellent way to engage customers who prefer watching to reading. 

For 2020, focus on developing short videos since most people have tight schedules that cannot allow them to watch long videos. Your short videos should address your prospect’s pain points, incorporate client testimonials, and they should have a reasonable image quality.

Keep in mind that not having video content is perhaps one of the top content marketing mistakes that you can make in 2020.

Focus on Data-driven Content

Achieving your content marketing goals is next to impossible without content that resonates with your target audience.  Neil Patel, a renowned SEO influencer, says that poor content is one of the primary reasons why most marketers fail to hit their desired marketing goals within the projected period.

Data-driven content is not only a part of this year’s trend, but will continue to be included in all future content marketing trends as well.

Therefore, if you have been finding it impossible to get your desired content marketing return on investment, 2020 is the time to take the desired action. Replace your mass-targeting content with data-driven content and watch out for better results.

Unlike generic mass-targeting content, data-driven content has an outstanding audience engagement, higher conversion rates, excellent targeting accuracy, and it delivers positive ROI within a short time.

The data-driven content doesn’t have to be in written form. It can be a video, book review, infographic, video, or podcast. Also, the data-driven content can be in the form of an Ebook, product review, or a survey.

While the use of data-driven content seems like an excellent way to leverage your content marketing strategy, many marketers lack the knowledge required to create it. If you are one of those marketers, the following are quick tips to help you kick-start your journey.

  • Take time to understand your target audience
  • Understand your competitors
  • Use the customer and competitors insights to create valuable content
  • Post your content in the right place at the right time
  • Address any issue raised by your customers professionally
  • Keep an eye on your data-driven content’s performance
data driven decision making

Use Social Media More Than Ever

While social media isn’t a new trend in content marketing, marketing analysts say that it is here to stay. We cannot undervalue its marketing potential in 2020. An infographic posted on Oberlo.com suggests that the use of social media has been growing exponentially, and it is yet to reach its peak. 

Today, many millennials use social media to interact with like-minded peers beyond local boundaries, look around for reviews and recommendations, as well as get more information about a brand they are interested in. 

But, why should it form a center of your content marketing plan in 2020?

In the opinion of Oberlo’s infographic, social media had over 3.5 billion active users by the end of 2019. Therefore, posting your marketing content on a social network can help you influence billions of prospects.

Many social media networks have mobile-compatible apps for almost every smartphone sold out there. Unlike your site or blog, which might not be mobile-friendly, your prospects can access and browse through your social media posts without issue. 

Facebook and other social networks are free to use. So, you will not need to spend a penny to market your business on such social sites. All you need is to sign up for an account and start engaging your prospects with content that can convert them into customers.

Form a Culture of Assessing Your Content Marketing Strategy

No matter how creative, optimized, and relevant your content is, you can never know the value it gives your business without evaluating its performance. Therefore, regular assessments are a necessity if you wish to remain strategic. 

Besides helping you remain strategic, evaluating your plan regularly will help you identify underperforming areas, as well as determine whether you are headed in the right direction. You could use the insights to revise your content according to your goals.

How often do you monitor your content marketing plan’s performance?

Do not worry if you have never done it. The Content Marketing Institute’s experts say that it is never too late to start evaluating your content strategy’s performance. So, you can start evaluating it today!

How do you evaluate your content marketing strategy?

It is easy. You don’t have to get an expert to help, or purchase those software used to assess your content’s performance.

Reviewing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Ask yourself the following questions

  • Does your content rank high on Google?
  • Has the ranking been improving?
  • Do prospects spend enough time on your business’ website?
  • How many guests visit your website?
  • Are your social media followers, likes, and comments increasing?

If your answer to all questions is yes, you have a reason to smile. That means that your content marketing plan is performing well. However, the positive results should not stop you from investing more brainpower, time, and resources into your plan. 

On the other hand, you would need to re-strategize your content marketing plan if your site doesn’t get an upsurge of visitors, your social media following doesn’t increase, and your ranking on search engines doesn’t improve.

2020 Content Marketing Trends Take Away

Upgrading your content marketing plan with new trends is a sure way to growing and sustaining your business. Keeping pace with the trends helps you endure stiff competition from competitors eyeing your prospects, as well as defend the top slot in search engines. 

Moreover, upgrading your marketing campaign with new trends improves your brand recognition, helps you amass more customers, and it helps you achieve your projected ROI within the anticipated time frame. 

Links to resources used to gather data for content marketing trends in 2020: