Choosing a digital marketing event can be difficult with the endless amount of events to choose from, but attending the right ones can have a huge impact on you. The agenda and keynote speakers are the important deciding factors. Each digital marketing event has a different agenda that is covered by different keynote speakers.

In most cases, the multi-day events are the ones worth attending to get the best bang for your buck. These events such as: Digital Summit LA, DigiMarCon, ContentTechSummit, and others offer breakfast & receptions, workshops, classes, networking opportunities, the chance to listen in on successful keynote speakers, and more.

Through my interviews, I found that many did not see cost as a problem if the agenda of the event aligns with their current goals, the value of information keynote speakers present warrant it, and it fits within their availability.


A digital marketing event offers networking opportunities, workshops, seminars, keynote speakers, classes, and more. To find an agenda, search the digital marketing event on the web and look for the agenda tab. You will find a thorough breakdown of all the activities that are happening each hour and who is hosting it. Go through the agenda putting stars next to the activities you find interesting. Keep in mind your current goals, drives, and challenges you want to achieve.

Keynote Speakers

Since no two keynote speakers are the same it’s important to look at their background, propositions, and risks they took to succeed. Most websites will have a speakers tab that shows who will be presenting. Some will have short bios about that person, but if not, it’s recommended to search that person on the web. Check out their social media pages and see what they’re about and believe in. Look out for some of the traits that make them successful and interesting, such as storytelling.

With an endless amount of social media platforms to choose from, storytelling is a great way to grab and keep an audience’s attention. According to What Is Storytelling. storytelling is the art of knowing how to tell a story by adapting in the best way possible to fit its channel that draws the attention of the target audience. The sharing of information by exchanging experiences through stories allows us to learn, vision and inspire. Storytelling is an easier way to draw a client’s attention and it opens up the room for a humanization of the message. 

An alumni from Cal State Dominguez Hills describes himself as the type who enjoys listening to other people’s stories. Even if he’s listening to someone who isn’t in his field, they might be able to provide a different angle or new perspective on something new to him.

LA, Anaheim, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix are top destinations. Some will drive 20-30 miles, and fly upwards to 2 hours to attend a local digital marketing event depending on the event’s agenda and the keynote speakers. However, until further notice all events are canceled which opens up an opportunity for exploring self-teaching methods. 

Self-Teaching Practices

As of March 29, 2020, President Trump extends the federal stay-at-home directive order until May 1st. The next 30 days is a great opportunity to explore new self-teaching practices and keep up with digital marketing methods.