Every day, you would see some kind of post with more than thousands of likes, either on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. Have you ever wonder why one post might get more likes than others? The difference between your post and digital marketers’ post? Wondering what to post to achieve the same effects? Wishing that your followers and likes would increase?

These are all common questions for all social media users, one which digital marketers have the best answers. Therefore, I went to LinkedIn and personally interviewed 14 different digital marketers to ask for their opinion, what would be the best way to maximize your social networking and promoting your brand?

1. Commenting, sharing, and DM-ing

One of the best ways to make yourself noticeable on social media is to be social. By commenting, you are making yourself known on others’ posts. Through this comment, other people can start a conversation with you, which can expand your social network with people of the same interests. DMs can also be a great way to start a genuine relationship over something both people are passionate about. Digital marketers have to be good at socializing, whether if it is online or offline.

While you wouldn’t be able to ask for a featured advertisement on a popular social media user’s blog like a digital marketer, you can certainly make yourself stand out by staying true to your personality and intention. You may be ignored, you may be seen but not replied to, but what’s important is representing yourself in a friendly yet professional way. These are the first steps to get yourself noticed on social media.

Like, comment, and share

2. Post regularly and be creative

With such huge traffic on social media every day, digital marketers have certain tactics to make themselves stand out. First, is to be creative. If your post is similar to hundreds of posts out there, chances that your content gets shared is significantly lower. Let’s say there are ten accounts that post about cute dog pictures, and you want to do the same. What can distinguish you is as little as you featuring only dogs wearing cute clothes, or dogs with ridiculous dogs, or dogs with special backstories from the rescue center, etc. Your creative spin makes you original and more freedom to express in a way that makes you noticeable.

Second, is to keep up with trends. When one’s creativity runs dry, trying challenges and taking up what’s popular at the moment might be your way out for a short while. Digital marketers learn what is in trending, and take that into mind to stay relevant and not out of date while using it as a reference for future posts.

Third, is to post regularly. No matter how big or small your follower number is if you don’t post often, chances that you might lose or not gain any new followers are relatively large. Digital marketers suggest keeping your followers engaged. This can be posting regularly, giving out prizes, or starting challenges with specific tags. What makes digital marketers successful in what they do is the power to be motivated and innovated every day.

3. Advertisement

A necessary tool for all digital marketers: ads. Tailored to your liking, popping up every now and then, ads are the things you probably see the most despite you want to or not. Big companies will buy ads placement, which then digital marketers can decide how they will be distributed. These ads can be irrelevant, or customized based on your search history, social media, etc. to reach a bigger crowd. Vice versa, if you are a big enough name, you, in turn, can be sponsored and become an advertisement as well.

Big corporations can afford ads, you might not. So, practice steps one and two to your best ability, and with some doors opening, step three maybe done or offered for you in the near future.

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