When you hire a digital marketer, there’s always this question hanging in your mind; when will results start showing from our SEO efforts.

Before you read on, SEO is not a one-time deal.

As much as you won’t want to ask, or show your impatience, it’s always going to bother you. Of course, you are sure that SEO truly works. If it doesn’t, SEO spending will not be close to $80 Billion in the United States alone. With that said, when it comes to getting your first ten customers, SEO might not be your go-to tool, and you may lean towards ads but when it comes to the long-term play, SEO is one of, if not the very best investment you can make for your ROI.

SEO Spending 2019

SEO Spending 2019

These businesses are ready to spend more as they are assured of increased revenue through an increase in web traffic, SERPs, and brand awareness.

What Determines When You Will See SEO Results?

Before a digital marketer provides an answer as regards the timeline for SEO results, they would have considered the following;

  • The age of your website.
  • Previous or existing SEO works.
  • The current shape and performance of the website.
  • The volume of content available on the website
  • The link profile
  • Other SEO factors
SEO Periodic Table

SEO Periodic Table

With all the following considered, you can then start talking about the timeline of the SEO to be done.

Timeline From Zero to SEO Results

This is just a scenario being painted, and your website might take a different route depending on the factors highlighted above. You should know that there are no two websites that share the same semblance. It does not even matter if you are both in the same niche and industry.

Let’s breakdown what the SEO timeline might look like in the first few months;

1 – Technical Research – First Month

To carry out SEO on any website, there is a need to understand what is wrong in comparison with existing websites in the niche and industry. This research will assume the form of website auditing, keyword research, and planning.

Depending on the shape of the website, the research stage might extend beyond a month or be shorter than a month. If previous SEO work has been done, what is required is auditing.

2 – Technical SEO Phase- Second Month

Depending on the result of the website auditing, the implementation of the SEO website auditing might be kickstarted. If the website auditing reflects a need for total overhauling of the website, then the technical SEO phase might be paused.

Despite being overhauled, link building and content creation may be going on. If the website is to be overhauled, you’ll not see SEO results as technical SEO is not being done to your website.

3 – Content Creation Phase-Third Month

During this time, full attention is placed on content creation. This is guided by the result of the keywords research and the content strategy identified during the planning stage.

Content creation might involve rewriting of website landing page content, FAQs, guest blogging, whitepapers, and many others. By the end of the third month, you may start seeing results in ranking. The ranking might not translate into leads or sales; it’s just a matter of time.

4 – Link Building and Content Creation- Fourth Month

This is no time to stop content creation, as you have to maintain consistency in your efforts. This phase also involves the optimization of the website with a focus on speed and backlinking.

During this stage, you will have to work on your dead links also. With interest in cleaning up your link profile. Around this time, you should have been feeling the impact that SEO is working.

5 – Social Signals- Fifth Month

By this time, you should be interested in cementing your growth. This is why social media marketing will have to be incorporated into your plans. Remember that social signals, especially from Facebook, have an effect on SERPs. It has to be an essential part of your SEO efforts.

Around this time, there will be an increase in traffic and improvement in ranking if the right efforts are made.

6 – Content Creation, Promotion and Marketing- Sixth Month

There should be a conscious effort into content creation and promotion at this point. You need to push out more valuable content at this point backed up by research and planning.

Depending on what your business or website is all about, you can get creative with your content.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your website, niche, and industry, you may need more than six months before you start seeing SEO results. The result at six months will be far lesser from what will be obtained in 12 months.

What matters most is that SEO should not be discontinued. SEO is a long-term marketing tactic, and not a “get sales or leads quick” marketing.