If you have been in the business industry for a while, my guess would be that you have heard of less reputable entrepreneurs who once used paid or fake testimonials, and other dishonest shortcuts to find their first customers.

Why would anyone do such a thing? The truth is that customers are your business’ lifeblood.

No matter where your business is located. In Fountain Valley especially, customers tend to buy products or try out services often, giving businesses a healthy profit margin. So it’s true, without customers, your business will never thrive.

Nevertheless, acquiring the first customers is a stressful ordeal since many customers don’t trust products and or services from new businesses. This is why working with a local digital marketing agency in Fountain Valley that understands the market is crucial.

In fact, without proper customer-winning skills, new businesses in Fountain Valley can take a couple of weeks to woo that first customer.

Are you in such a state right now?

Don’t worry. You can quickly get your first clients using the following expert suggested tips.

Ways to Get Your First Customers in Fountain Valley

  1. Identify the ideal target client

Business experts from American Express argue that you cannot know where to start looking if you don’t know your idyllic target1. Therefore, before you start hunting for that first client, take time and identify the specific people who want your product.

Define their likes and pain points. These pieces of information will help you customize your product or service to resonate with their needs. Furthermore, the data will come in handy when creating marketing content to encourage prospects to try out your product.

  • Know where to find your target customers

With your ideal customer in mind, identify places where you can find the prospect. In this digital era, you can find most millennial and Generation Z prospects on social media, professional platforms like LinkedIn, review sites like Yelp, and other digital platforms.

If your ideal customers in Fountain Valley are baby boomers or generation X consumers, you can find them through email, or in offline platforms like conferences, trade shows, local industry meetings, and expos.

  1. Approach your target customers with personalized messages

After identifying your customers and knowing the places where you can find them, target them with personalized marketing content that positions your product as the ultimate solution to their pain points.

You can use informative blogs, videos, infographics, newsletters, or social media campaigns to engage and convert them. If you are new to doing marketing in Fountain Valley, this digital marketing editorial will get you started.

For offline customers, target them with cold market prospecting. Experts from HubSpot suggest that you attend events where you can find them, and engage them in a normal conversation to build some rapport3.

If they stay upbeat to your conversation, introduce your business briefly. Over-marketing will piss them off. Request for their contact details, and follow up with them when it is more convenient.

  1. Build partnerships with like-minded peers

Teaming up with businesses that offer interrelated services is another excellent way of acquiring customers Fountain Valley. Your already established peers will not mind referring some of their loyal customers to your business.

However, if you want the partnership to stay on course, business experts from Score.org propose that you4:

  • Team-up with businesses whose values are similar to yours
  • Define the responsibilities of each partner to minimize disagreements
  • Legalize your partnership contract
  • Resolve disparities before they escalate to major problems

  1. Have your business give away freebies to get customers in Fountain Valley

Frankly, many consumers don’t trust brand content. Therefore, your verbal messages or marketing content may not convert them into buyers no matter how engaging, authentic, and educative it is.

In this case, seasoned sales experts suggest that you amp your marketing content with freebies. Why? According to Shopify’s marketers, freebies will give prospects a chance to try out your product 5.

Many of those who receive your freebies will not mind buying from you or recommending your product to friends if it is valuable.

Acquiring Customers in Fountain Valley Should Not Be Difficult

Finding the first five customers for your business in Fountain Valley is challenging, but not impossible.

If you want customers to start coming into your business, give out freebies to foster confidence, team-up with established partners to get referrals, and woo your prospects with personalized content.

However, before you start approaching your first-time candidates, make sure that you understand them, and you know the places to find them easily.

As always, we’re here, as your content marketing and SEO experts in Orange County, to help you along the way.