In 1920, Rudolph Hass planted the first Hass Avocado mother tree in La Habra Heights, and for more than 70 years, La Habra would be identified by its proximity from the tree.

This quiet residential city is located at the northmost corner of Orange County and is home to around 62,000 residents.

You may know the city of La Habra from its children’s museum and globally recognized corn festival, but what you may not know is that La Habra would be a great location for a marketing seminar. Its close proximity to desert recreation areas and the beach makes it the perfect location to mix business and pleasure.

In this article I’ll go over how you can plan a successful marketing seminar in this awesome city!

How to Plan a Successful Marketing Seminar in La Habra

  1. Identify your objectives, target audience and plan the details

Before planning your marketing seminar in La Habra, ask yourself what exactly it is that you want to achieve. This will help you in coming up with the topics for discussion. You then need to define which group of people you’ll be targeting.

Will they be the mid-level marketing personnel or the managers? What problem will the marketing seminar solve for them? While you may have a vague idea of who your target is, you have to solidify their profiles 1.

The next step is planning out the finer details like the best venue in La Habra, the proposed date and time plus a budget estimate.

You also need to define if the marketing seminar will be free or paid.

  1. Research and get the best speakers

A marketing seminar is only as good as the speakers.

Use the topic roster as a guide and look for the best speakers in the defined topics. Start by creating a general list of the speakers and then weed them out based on pricing and their track records.

To ensure the success of your marketing seminar in La Habra, the guest speakers have to be niche experts and are able to provide relevant information to the target audience 2. If the seminar is about digital marketing, get a speaker whos knowledgeable on the subject.

They don’t necessarily have to be celebrities though that would be an added advantage.

Since the marketing seminar will be in La Habra, it wouldn’t hurt to have a local expert on the guest list. Don’t forget to have a backup list of speakers in case your first choices aren’t available.

  1. Get all the materials needed for the seminar

It is very important that you source the materials you’ll need for your marketing seminar in La Habra at least one week in advance.

This includes materials that the speakers and the attendees will use. Do you need a projector? Will you need a public address system? Don’t wait until the last minute to get these things.

You should also budget for materials that will aid the event attendees e.g. name tags, program copies, and writing materials, if possible.

These materials should be ready for distribution on the day you’ll be hosting your seminar in La Habra.

  1. Market your seminar aggressively

Here’s the thing; you could plan out the best seminar, rent out a great location in La Habra and even get top of the line speakers, but without sufficient marketing, you will fail.

How else will marketing professionals in La Habra know you’ll be hosting a seminar if you don’t market it?

Top ways to advertise your seminar

  • Referrals from your professional and personal networks around La Habra
  • Social media advertisements that are limited to the geographic region of La Habra
  • Handing out flyers and brochures
  • Local billboard advertising
  • Video adverts
  • Cold calls and emails

If you don’t have an idea of how to go about marketing your seminar, then hiring a local marketing agency will keep you on top of the game.

  1. Have a final run-through of the seminar

Here’s a pro tip for you; always triple check the details of your seminar.

Have a final run-through of your marketing seminar in La Habra at least two days before the event to ensure everything is on track. Check for the availability of all the materials and call the guest speakers to confirm their attendance.

Don’t forget to plan for last-minute attendees and be ready for anything

Run Your Own Marketing Seminar in La Habra

Hosting a marketing seminar in La Habra doesn’t have to be difficult.

Sufficient preparation, coupled with the above tips is all you need to make your seminar a success.

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