When I first began my internship at Agency41, I was very anxious for what to expect. This was my first internship and in my mind, this was the first time using the skills I have gained from my college career and applying them in the outside world, with a real company. As time progressed, I have gotten more comfortable with the work that I am doing. However, the biggest take away I’ve learned is never stop revising.

First Day at Agency41

My first day I was set up with a company email, an account with Slack to be able to communicate with the whole team, and a Trello account. The CEO and my mentor had me take a photo and had me submit a few sentences describing me for my bio on the company website. Within minutes, it was official for the world to see. There I was, my photo and bio under the title that read, “Creative Writing Intern”. I was told throughout the internship I would learn about social media content, and the importance of SEO, but that my main task would be writing.

Lean Canvas Model and SEO

The task I had been given seemed easy. Pick a topic that interests me and create a Lean Canvas Model first noting what the topic is, the stakeholders, and the problems. From there, I was to interview the stakeholders, which in this case was digital marketers. From the interview you are able to figure out the various channels, metrics, which eventually might bring you to some solutions. However, this model was one that would take time, and seemed to never end.

How Does it Work?

The articles required us to interview people who are the stakeholders. Agency41 really helped with having the interns practice and refine our interview skills and really stressed the importance of keeping it cool, calm, and open. You don’t want to ask questions that seem to lead to a correct answer but instead, let the person you’re interviewing do the majority of the talking and for us to listen. The interviews would originally be focused on one problem but as the interview continued, I would find new problems arise.

Never Stop Revising

This new problem would be the topic for the next article and so on and so forth. Agency41’s whole model was to write the article, but then continue to revisit and revise as more information and data was collected. Another huge aspect to keep in mind was to ensure keywords are used to rank high in SEO or add tags to link referenced information to other articles. This was a method I had never really used before. In school, usually the final draft is what is due at the deadline. This method allowed me to get better, get deeper, and in the end have enough data to maybe start writing on the solutions to those problems. Though it was challenging to keep revisiting previous topics, it was a method that was very helpful in getting the full story, and not just stopping at the surface.

Benefits of Digital Resources and Amazing Mentors

Due to COVID-19, the weekly routine changed from meeting on site to working remote. However, this really opened my eyes to see that though it is a different environment to work from, we have the technology that allows us to work remote and still interact with our teams digitally. This transition was difficult at first, but Reza, CEO of Agency41, kept us updated and scheduled video calls to get updates of where we were in the process and what was expected for the remainder of the program.The mentors at the company were incredibly supportive. They always made themselves available to answer any questions that were had. They kept all the interns informed of our analytics and encouraged us to reach out if we needed any assistance. Though COVID-19 was not something that we anticipated, it was actually a very cool experience to experience the industry in such a time of uncertainty, it gave me a new appreciation for the way we are able to adapt to change in the industry.

Video Chat

Thank You Agency41!

Overall, this internship was challenged me to be better and allowed me to gain more insight of what this industry is like in the real world. It was an internship that took the skills I thought I had, and made them stronger. The position challenged me to think critically and creatively. From the Agency41 Team, to my fellow peer interns, I was able to meet and learn from so many inspiring individuals and for that I am forever grateful. The position with Agency41 is one I would recommend to any student needing to obtain an internship.