With modernization taking over the globe, it is refreshing to find a city that has managed to retain an old fashioned kind of charm.

The highlight of Newport Beach is the balboa islands and balboa peninsula, points at which the city meets the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, this city is modern in some ways as it has fancy restaurants and prime locations for upscale shopping, but its residents are mostly laid back and calm.

Running a business in Newport Beach can be a bit tough, but with the right marketing strategy, you can easily accomplish your business goals. How do you know your marketing strategy needs a revamp?

Top Signs You Need a New Marketing Strategy for Your Newport Beach Business

  1. Marketing Trends Have Changed

The marketing world moves way too fast, and it is up to you to keep up with the current trends.

There was a time when offline marketing was the real deal; newspaper ads, Billboard advertising, handing out fliers, etc. currently, digital marketing often takes up a huge chunk of the marketing strategy, and for a good reason; everyone is on the internet.

Your Newport Beach business requires a marketing strategy that is consistent with the current marketing trends.

  1. Lead Generation and Conversion Rates Are Low

The two major objectives of any marketing strategy are to generate leads and to increase conversion rates.

As a business owner in Newport Beach, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions: how many leads are being brought in by the current marketing strategy? Did any of these leads convert to customers? What does your sales funnel look like?1

You also need to evaluate how much revenue was brought in by your old marketing strategy. If the old strategy is not bringing in quality leads, then it’s time to create a new one.

  1. You Are Making a Significant Change in Your Marketing Budget

It is highly unlikely that you retain the same marketing budget for a couple of years.

When your Newport Beach business was still new, you were cautious about how much money you allocated in your marketing strategy. You probably didn’t have much to spend. However, with time, your sales increase and your business expands.

When this happens, your marketing budget should increase with it. The only thing left to determine is how you can allocate your budget across all marketing channels. How much should go into content marketing? Should you redesign your website?

Your marketing strategy should change with any changes made to the budget.

  1. It’s Difficult to Measure Results

It is important that you are able to track all data from marketing campaigns.  How then will you be able to tell if the marketing strategy is working or not?

Before running any campaign in Newport Beach, the first step is always to set goals. This could be anything from brand awareness to lead generation. Your strategy should be able to capture and track all insights and data from the campaign, which you can then use to improve your marketing efforts.

Some of the tools that you can use to track campaign performance are Google Analytics2 and Hotjar3.

If you prefer being able to track this data on your own, then you should consider taking the Google Analytics Certification course.

  1. You Are Selling to Everyone

You are probably wondering, ‘how is this a bad thing?’ well, your brand isn’t meant to accommodate everyone, and that’s okay. It even makes marketing your Newport Beach business easier because you only get to focus on the people that really need your products or services.

Your marketing strategy should be built around your audience in Newport Beach and their personas. What kind of marketing is most likely to appeal to them? Which platforms are they using?

If your marketing strategy is overly generalized, then your Newport Beach business deserves a new one.

Keep Your Marketing Strategy for Your Newport Business up to Date

Every once in a while, you should sit back and reevaluate your marketing strategy. Find out which marketing practices are trending in Newport Beach, the changes in Google’s algorithms and how this affects your current marketing strategy.

Not sure about how to create an effective marketing strategy? Hire a local marketing agency to help you out!

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