The role of machine learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to play a more significant role as the science behind it advances. Nowadays, digital marketing has become entirely reliant on AI, with many marketing strategies taking full advantage of this branch of technology.

The use of AI in digital marketing has seen numerous businesses and marketing agencies register some impressive results since now, most of the strategies involve heavy internet usage 1.

The popularity of Artificial Intelligence has grown tremendously, especially in the scope of Digital Marketing, because these two modes almost always go together.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the science behind a machine’s ability to assess data, analyze it, and execute “error minimizing” tasks. By using algorithms and models designed to minimize error in predictability, the machine can internalize situations and make human-like decisions through which it completes the necessary thought process. By doing this, the execution and planning of strategies are far quicker, and the machine does this with incredible ease.

As a result, this technology is expected to slowly replace humans, although some argue that AI is elemental in streamlining most daily processes. 2

As soon as specific inputs are fed and the critical requirements determined, the rest of the methods are fully automated. Artificial Intelligence is designed to ensure that humans do not have to deal with extremely complex tasks that would otherwise come off as burdening.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Through the incorporation of AI, efficiency is greatly improved due to the full automation of specific processes. This approach frees up more time that can be used to focus on other additional tasks that would have otherwise been difficult to attend to effectively.

However, Artificial Intelligence offers you more advantages other than just automation.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of AI in modern Digital Marketing…

  1. Increased Overall Productivity and Returns on Investment

The incorporation of AI in Digital Marketing ensures that productivity levels go up. This happens because most of the critical processes are fully automated through the specific set of instructions specified by the user. A robust AI framework can sort out content in terms of which type of material has a higher performance index and sort out the issue of content curation.

This approach is guaranteed to increase the return on investment since you can supply the right audience with the right content. A commercial study by MarketingProfs revealed that businesses that made use of Artificial Intelligence in their marketing tactics exhibited 3:

  • Closing Rates increases by 59%
  • Increased in Revenue by 58%
  • Conversions increased by 52%
  • Traffic and Engagement improved by 54%

These significant improvements show that AI is essential for Digital Marketing strategies.

  1. Enhanced User Experience

AI uses Machine Learning technology to gather information on its users to learn more about them. It does this by establishing a pattern in its users and then filters out content that is in line with what they generally prefer. This way, the audience is fully engaged and maintains their interest in the content they access.

It is quite evident that when people enjoy an impressive user experience, they are much more inclined to purchase a product or pay for a service being offered. Some common examples that target a good user experience include:

  • YouTube’s Suggestions Tab located on the right side of the interface
  • Google’s People Also Ask section that you see after the search results
  • Amazon has the People Also Buy section after viewing a product

  1. Better Market Prediction Analysis

Both Digital and Conventional modes of marketing require you to take your chances since you cannot predict the outcome. While coming up with a new marketing strategy, you often have to make some assumptions to target the audience that you want.

Through Artificial Intelligence, you can employ some of the best algorithms to help with predictive analysis for better determination of what audience you want to capture. AI uses data that was previously accumulated to help make befitting predictions. As a marketer, you can take the best path even as you continue with your marketing activities.

Through prediction analysis, you can be able to outline future results as well. Ads on Google and Facebook are an excellent illustration of this idea 4. They have provisions for estimating the number of people that your ad can reach as well as how many people are bound to interact with it. This is done by analyzing previous data to establish the behavior of your audience.

  1. Real-time Tracking Capability

The various platforms that have incorporated AI allow users to monitor how their content is performing on the go. This way, they can instantaneously see their content results for someone into Digital Marketing, which helps them formulate the next strategy they can implement.

The marketer can get information on the performance of more than one post even with different kinds of content simultaneously. They can now visualize and compare their content results, thereby identifying what content is popular with the market and which one isn’t. As a result, they can now promote the content that their audience prefers, and hence, resources are conserved.

  1. Integration of Insights

Customer Insight Integration in Digital Marketing is among the numerous specialized capabilities that you get with Artificial Intelligence 5. The majority of the platforms that offer Digital Marketing strategies have in-built insights designed to give the marketer additional information about the behavior and patterns of their audience.

Ideas represent the level of performance of a specific content type. Instagram does this by showing you how many people have bookmarked your post, as well as the number of comments and likes that your post has attracted. Facebook also shows you how many times the content you have posted is shared by your audience. If you’re interested in learning how to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok to market your business then check out our blog.

AI is solely behind all these metrics and accomplishes this by verifying the response of your audience to the content and studying how they operate. Insights are quite essential in that they let you know how your audience responds to your posts and show you the parameters representing these responses. As a result, you can decide better which tools and strategies to employ in your future marketing efforts.

How Do You Use AI in Formulating a Sustainable Marketing Strategy?

AI being incorporated in Digital marketing is a trend that we expect to continue growing at a fast rate. It would be best if we understood how to implement this technology and stay ahead of the curve.

Below are some of the most outstanding strategies you can use to apply your marketing protocols further as you run your business…

AI-Based Website Developers

A website serves as a virtual office where clients can gain contact with an enterprise directly and understand how their services work. Therefore, any organization needs to have a well-optimized and fully functional website to get the most out of what it can offer.

Clients will cease interaction with your site if they find out that it isn’t properly designed. Establishing a substantial online presence is one of the ways through which you can access the full market and is an excellent platform through which you can exercise Digital Marketing.

You could opt for verified website builders who design your business’s website to your particular taste and preference. This way, you can be able to take full advantage of all the resources at your disposal.


Chatbots refer to efficient AI software tools designed to emulate human-like conversational skills through pre-determined phrases to better interact with the audience. Originally, chatbots were meant to be an interactive piece of Artificial Intelligence through which consumers could have real-life conversations.

Nowadays, they have become fully automated and only respond to specific questions with direct answers. It is an excellent strategy that seeks to save your clients’ time and is quite reliable from its round-the-clock operation.

They have become a norm, especially in the marketing field, as a result of their reliability. The use of chatbots has spread into various service industries such as Banking, E-commerce, and Healthcare.

Marketing Via Email

For a long time now, emails are a channel through which Digital Marketers have used to spread awareness about their services 6. It was quite popular owing to the minimal cost and convenience that it brought to the table. Email marketing is a reliable strategy that anyone can use regardless of where they are in their business.

It delivers content to a target audience relevant to their interests through funneling. Personalizing emails to target every consumer to the stage they are in is guaranteed to push them into becoming potential customers.

AI has enabled email marketing to be more personalized, allowing one-on-one interaction. Digital Marketers can also schedule their emails through the help of AI to avoid spamming their client’s inbox.

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