When it comes to Orange County, one city stands out more than the rest.

Santa Ana is Spanish for ‘Saint Ann,’ and this city happens to be the second most populous in the County. It is also the seat of Orange County, a factor that changed it from an agricultural city to a major economic business hub.

Other than being home to countless attractions and some of the finest artwork in the USA, Santa Ana is a center for financial, manufacturing, and commercial businesses. What this tells you is that with a good marketing strategy, your business has all it needs to thrive.

Whether you’re a DIY digital marketer or you work at a local SEO agency, these top 5 alternative marketing strategies can help you grow a Santa Ana business.

Top 5 Alternative Marketing Strategies for Santa Ana

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  1. Micro-influencer Marketing

Micro-influencers are creating a big buzz in the marketing scene, and for a good reason, they often have an intimate relationship with their audience. They are also usually industry experts, and their followers trust their recommendations.

Think of it as having your target customers all in one place.

Start by creating a micro-influencer marketing strategy and then look for micro-influencers in Santa Ana that are in your niche for execution. It is vital that you gave a sit-down with the chosen micro-influencers for a briefing on your business goals and for content creation.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the pillar of search engine optimization, and a well-implemented content marketing strategy yields high-quality leads. 

What problem are you solving for your Santa Ana customers? What kind of information regarding your products or services are they looking for? What keywords are they using? These are questions that should guide you when creating content.

There are various content marketing tactics, including video content marketing, blog posts, newsletters, etc. make sure that you focus on content that your audience will find relatable.

  1. SMS Marketing

How long can you stay without using your phone? Not long! A phone has become like a basic necessity, and every time a notification comes in, you will be promoted to look. With this in mind, SMS marketing would be a great alternative marketing strategy.

It provides a more personal approach, and 98% of the time, the receiver will read the text message 1. Start by building up a database of your customer’s phone numbers and then segment them into different categories.

Use SMS marketing to provide exclusive offers to your loyal customers in Santa Ana, to promote your products and to introduce new ones.

  1. Offline Marketing

Nothing will ever beat the connections brought on by offline marketing. Yes, digital marketing is the preferred marketing option, but offline marketing gives you a chance to position your brand in your customer’s minds.

Hand out flyers in Santa Ana, advertise on billboards, get your bard on tv or radio if you can. The essence of marketing is to reach your audience whenever and wherever they are.

The beauty of using offline marketing as an alternative marketing strategy is that you can incorporate it with digital marketing.  You only have to share your offline content on your online platforms.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Any business that ignores social media as part of their marketing strategy is only planning to fail. You are on social media; your customers are on social media; your competitors are too…why, not your business?

Social media marketing allows you to reach your target customers in Santa Ana through platforms that they most engage with. You get to interact with your audience more intimately, get their feedback on your business, and market your products.

As part of your alternative marketing strategies, you should also use social media to drive traffic to your website, by constantly posting blog posts. If you are not sure how you can create a killer social media marketing strategy, engage the services of a professional marketing agency.

Implement These Alternative Marketing Strategies in Santa Ana

Creating alternative marketing strategies for your Santa Ana business is a great way to stand out from the competition. You don’t need to hire a mascot to get noticed by your customers; you only have to market your products or services in unique ways.

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