An entrepreneur is one who sees a viable business opportunity and seizes it.

Most people assume that with enough capital, they can start any business and it will thrive. Sorry to burst your bubble but there’s more to starting a business than having money. You also need to have a passion for building a business along with a ready business opportunity.

Brea might be famous for its exciting nightlife and authentic cuisines. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to invest in a night club to be successful.

About 70% of Brea is composed of small to midsize businesses 1.

What type of businesses do you think have the most growth opportunities in Brea?

Top 5 Fast Growing Businesses in Brea

  1. Dessert Only Restaurants

These restaurants are changing the way people view their meals and they are catching on in Brea. Who set down the rule that one has to eat dinner first before having dessert? Most importantly, who gave them that authority?

Dessert only restaurants give people the option of having delicious desserts without necessarily having a requisite meal prior. They are no different from regular restaurants in terms of menus and signature dishes, but their main focus is on the sweet stuff.

Event through dessert restaurants are part of growing restaurants Brea, you will have to market your establishment aggressively, using a mixture of digital marketing and offline marketing tactics to get customers.

  1. Coffee House

Having coffee in a quaint but vintage coffee house is one of life’s most underrated pleasures.

Coffee houses give people a reason to meet up and catch up on their lives, and it is no surprise that it is one of the growing businesses in Brea. There can never be enough coffee houses…ever!

When starting a coffee house in Brea, your business will need a unique edge to set it aside from the competition. This could be through your branding, marketing strategy or simply in the way you conduct operations.

  1. Fitness Studio

The 21st century came with an increase in lifestyle diseases. The mortality rate became higher and people started becoming more health-conscious.

Brea is popular for its exotic meals and the citizens need a place they can burn off the extra calories. A fitness studio simply provides them with an effective solution.

To start a successful fitness center, you need to:

  • Identify your specialty
  • Get trained and accredited
  • Identify a prime location
  • Source for funds to buy new equipment and hire trainers
  • Market your gym

  1. Body Spa

Everybody wants to have a few hours of pure relaxation where they can unwind, and a body spa is a perfect fit. To start a body spa in Brea, you will need to conduct market research so that you can segment the different audiences.

Find out which services are in high demand but have a low supply and focus on them.

You will then need to source for funds to buy the products and necessary equipment, followed by a solid marketing strategy. In this case, digital marketing will help you generate leads and create brand awareness.

  1. Bar and Lounge

The nightlife in Brea is at its peak. Yes, the people that work hard and party twice as much.

However, to start a bar and lounge in Brea, you will need extensive capital, ranging from $200,000- $800,000, with the largest chunk of the money going towards leases and licenses. The good news is that you are likely to break even within the first two years of operations.

To run a successful bar, here are some tips you should consider:

  • It should always be stocked
  • Creat signature drinks
  • Host local events/ happy hour, karaoke nights- anything to keep it exciting
  • Hire the right people and train them
  • Get a POS system

When it comes to marketing your business, a local digital marketing agency that knows how to leverage the power of content and SEO will keep you ahead of your competition.

Explore Growing Businesses in Brea

The richest men in history rarely relied on their education to undertake ventures.

They simply saw opportunities and took the risk. Brea is rapidly growing and you should be part of that growth.

If you are looking for profitable ideas, the above growing businesses Brea are a great place to start.