Perhaps one of the most famous historical landmarks of San Juan Capistrano is the mission San Juan Capistrano. This breathtaking museum that also features a chapel is more than two centuries old and is the 7th of 21 missions in the state.

The mission San Juan Capistrano is most famous for the annual return of the swallows that have led to it being coined as the jewel of California missions.

How do you ensure that your website matches up to this city full of life and culture?

5 Incredibly Useful Website Redesign Tips for Your San Juan Capistrano Business

  1. Use a Simple Structure and Layout

The first 5 seconds of a user being on your site is enough for them to decide whether they will continue browsing it or leave. Your website redesign should make it easy for web users to find the information they need with ease.

The layout should be appealing to your San Juan Capistrano audience, and the structure should be easy to navigate. This is your chance to create a website that will generate more leads, so have it redesigned with your audience in mind.

  1. Consider Speed Optimization and Mobile-Friendliness

Google recently rolled out a mobile-first indexing approach because a huge chunk of all website traffic is usually from mobile devices 1. This means that if your website has not been designed to accommodate mobile phone users, then it hurts your chances of being ranked high on search engines.

Internet users are also very impatient and will leave a site that takes a few seconds too long to load. This website redesign should focus on enhancing the user experience for your San Juan Capistrano audience, and page speed optimization should be non-negotiable.

  1. Use High-Quality Content

A content marketing strategy should be a high priority in your website redesign.

If your old website had low traffic, there’s a high chance that the content had a lot to do with it. Either the content was irrelevant to your San Juan Capistrano audience, it wasn’t optimized with keywords, or it was poorly done.

With the website redesign, you should focus on creating high quality, relevant content that is backed with research. You have to know your audience deeply so that you can provide them with content that they really need.

  1. Do Audience and Competitor Research

Maybe the first time round, you designed your audience with your business in mind. It’s now time to redesign it for your customers.

What type of layout do you think your San Juan Capistrano audience would find appealing? Which font are they likely to resonate with? What are your competitors doing, and what aspects of their websites appeal to your shared customers?

Back your website redesign with concrete data that represents your audience’s needs.

  1. Incorporate Search Engine Optimization

Do not underestimate the value of SEO in increasing local visibility and getting you ranked high on search engines. Your website redesign should capture Google’s ever-changing algorithms and your target customer’s needs. 

The thing about SEO is that it takes time for you to start seeing results, which is why you should start as soon as you begin to redesign your website. 

A website redesign provides you with a chance to build an effective SEO strategy from the ground up, starting with the submission of a new sitemap. And when you need the extra help, work with a local SEO agency to help you along your way.

Bonus Web Redesign Tip for Your San Juan Capistrano Business

Include your social media icons on the new website. This makes it easy for people to share your posts, grows your network, and most importantly, offers free advertising. With the icons on the site, customers can easily follow you on social media, where more intimate interactions are likely to take place.

Your website is the equivalent of your business’s online home. Make sure that the redesign captures your brand identity and that it leaves a good first impression. A well-designed website has the ability to increase conversions and generate more leads, and it all depends on the web content and design.

Don’t leave your website to chance; hire a local marketing agency today for a customer-centric website redesign strategy.

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